Jesse Hernandez Gifted Brand New Shoes and Clothing After Surviving Sewer Pipe Plight

Inside Edition gave the 13-year-old fancy new Nikes and clothes to replace the ones that were left unwearable following the ordeal.

Jesse Hernandez, the California teenager who was stuck in a Los Angeles sewer for 12 hours earlier this week, has gotten a new outfit from Inside Edition after his ordeal

Inside Edition bought the 13-year-old brand-new Nikes and some clothes to replace outfit he had on when he fell into the sewer.

Hernandez fell through a rotted wood plank while playing on Easter Sunday. New video shows the actual sewer he was carried along in, the air of which was thick with toxic gases like hydrogen sulfide and methane.

"I was swept by the water," he said. "It smelled nasty."

The quick-thinking Hernandez left a clue for searchers: Streaks from his hands along the wall as he was carried along.

His phone broke as he fell, but the flashlight was still working and he admitted that he thought he was going to die. 

Hernandez was finally rescued almost a mile from the hole he fell in.

“I want to say thank you for the hard work that they did,” he said in a message to his rescuers. 

Amazingly, Hernandez has just a few scratches on his knees, scrapes on his knuckles, and a knock to the head. 

His mom, who is pregnant, was overjoyed to have him home.

Hernandez says he feels like the luckiest kid in the world because "I didn't die." 

The teenager is under the care of a doctor, who is monitoring his condition to make sure he suffers no ill effects of sludge he was exposed to while stuck in the pipe.