Jon Stewart Finds Home for Goats That Disrupted New York City Subway

The goats, thanks to Jon Stewart, are now living in an upstate New York sanctuary.

Jon Stewart stepped forward to help two goats that captured the attention of New York City commuters after they strayed onto subway tracks and disrupted rail service.

The former late night host got involved after social media exploded with posts and photos of the goats wandering on above-ground rails in Brooklyn, causing the N line to be rerouted while transit workers and police tried to lasso the animals. 

Stewart called in the Farm Sanctuary animal rescue folks, who drove down from Watkins Glen and packed up the brown-and-black duo with a little hands-on help from the comedian. 

The Metropolitan Transit Authority started a Twitter fest after posting a photo of the marauding goats with the tag "Two very baaaaad boys."

It didn't take long, however, for New Yorkers to make the delay-plagued system the butt of goat jokes.


New York City Councilman Justin Brannan, whose district includes the N train route, also joined in.