Joy to the Out of This World: How Astronauts Celebrated Christmas in Space


They also watched "Star Wars: The Last Jedi."

Christmas is most traditionally celebrated with food, loved ones, relaxation and gratitude, and for astronauts currently orbiting the earth, it was no different.

The six-person crew aboard the International Space Station celebrated Christmas in a scene that most people have only seen in movies. The astronauts shared their holiday experience on social media.

NASA also posted photos of the celebration, from the stockings hung in the main cabin with care, a tree, cameras and even a guitar to play tunes. 

American astronaut and ISS flight engineer Mark T. Vande Hei donned a Santa Claus hat as he floated around the stockings, which were filled with gifts.

Vande Hei, along with his colleague and fellow American, Joseph Acaba, also recorded a video of their favorite Christmas memories and special greetings to their families back on Earth. 

The crew’s tree and decorations came during a recent cargo mission trip to the station. The astronauts also received care packages and gifts from their families back home in their respective nations. 

It was a joyful weekend for all on board the ISS, as they were even treated to a special screening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Saturday.