'Justice for All' Bailiff Charged With Murder Claims He Accidentally Shot Wife

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A bailiff who appeared on a courtroom TV show is now charged with murder in the death of his wife

Renard Spivey, 63, appeared on “Justice for All” with Cristina Perez and is a real-life Texas sheriff's deputy and bit-part actor.  

Police said Spivey called 911 at 3 a.m. last Sunday to say he accidentally shot his wife, Patricia, twice as they struggled for his weapon. She was later pronounced dead. 

The victim's brother told police Spivey's wife accused him of cheating on her, and Spivey allegedly replied: "She's going to make me rise up like the Incredible Hulk and it isn’t gonna be good." 

But Spivey's defense attorney, Mike DeGeurin, said he tried desperately to save his 52-year-old wife's life. 

“One shot went through her arm, one in the chest, then for 20 or 30 minutes he's on 911 trying to revive her,” DeGeurin said. 

Authorities said they have no previous record of any domestic violence situation involving Spivey or his wife. He's expected to be in court this week for his arraignment.


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