Kangaroo Spotted Bounding Down South Carolina Highway

Meanwhile, a wallaby was seen in the U.K.

South Carolina motorists were warned to keep their eyes peeled for a kangaroo that was spotted hopping along roadways this week.

The marsupial was seen "hopping/jumping along the sides of Highway 28 South" Tuesday, according to McCormick County Emergency Services.

For several hours, the animal bounded around and stayed alongside the road long enough for Curtis Holt to take a video of the bizarre sight and post it to Facebook.

It turned out the 'roo was an escapee from the Melrose Farms animal sanctuary. By about 3:30 p.m., it was back at home on the farm, according to WSPA.

Meanwhile, across the pond, another Australia native was spotted bouncing through some woods in the UK.

This time it was the smaller wallaby, one of which was spotted in Devon.

Amy Couldrick, 27, told SWNS that she spotted the animal recently after initially thinking it was a cat.

Couldrick said she was later told by locals there is an entire mob of wallabies living in the area.

"I text my friend saying, 'there's a wallaby in your garden!'" Couldrick said.

Apparently her friend had already heard.

"She said that five months ago three had escaped from a local farm and they hadn't found them," she said. "They didn't know if they were still alive because they hadn't been able to track them down... They've traveled quite far and are still alive. It was really surprising — I couldn't believe it."