Kassandra Cantrell Case: Ex-Boyfriend Charged With Murder of Pregnant Washington Woman Found Dead in Ravine

Kassandra Cantrell

Kassandra Cantrell was headed to her first sonogram appointment when she disappeared. Her remains were found in a wooded ravine.

A Washington pregnant woman has been found dead in a ravine after going missing several weeks ago on the way to her first sonogram appointment. Now, her ex-boyfriend has been arrested and charged with her murder.

Kassandra Cantrell, 33, was at the tail end of her first trimester when she made the appointment and was especially curious to see if the sonogram showed twins. She was a twin herself and they run in her family. But when she didn't show up at the doctor’s office, her mom started to worry and called the police.

Four weeks later, the family’s worst fears came to be: Cantrell’s remains were found in a wooded ravine near Tacoma, Washington. Suspicion quickly pointed to her ex-boyfriend, Colin Dudley, who was living with another woman.

According to police, pings from Cantrell’s cell phone showed she drove to Dudley’s house before the sonogram appointment. They say the phone kept pinging when it was thrown into a bay near where her body was found.

Dudley, a chef, has pleaded not guilty to murder. Cops say he told them there was “no way” he could be the father, and court documents allege he “did not want children.”

Cantrell’s distraught mother Marie Smith told Inside Edition that Dudley was a troubled man and had made concerning comments about what would happen if he found out he had fathered a child.

"He said, if any girl ever told him he'd gotten her pregnant, he'd steal the baby and she'd never see it again and he'd raise it to hate women,” Smith said.

Dudley is being held on a $2 million bail. He’s due in court next month.