Kathleen West Murder: Footage Shows Mother Who Led Double Online Life Hours Before Her Death

The 42-year-old was seen laughing while shopping at a liquor store, but eight hours later, she was dead.

Surveillance footage obtained exclusively by Inside Edition shows Kathleen West shopping and laughing inside a liquor store, hours before her body was found.

The footage, which was shot on Jan. 12, was the last time the Alabama mother was seen alive.  

West, 42, idolized screen goddess Marilyn Monroe and loved to post wholesome photos with her family but she was also leading a double life, posting wild and sexy selfies in low-cut tops.

She also had a subscription-only adult website, where she went by the username "Kitty Kat West.” Kat was her family nickname.

"Happy sinful Sunday. New pics up on site. Please check out my subscription,” she wrote on Instagram just six days before her death.

Kat was also a member of The Cougar Club, a social media site where women over 35 post provocative photos. 

"I wish for everyone to stop trying to connect online photos to her passing,” Sandie Kay, who's a member of The Cougar Club, told Inside Edition. "It is not like that. It doesn't necessarily mean indiscretion. They're just pictures!" 

"The Kat that I knew was extremely supportive of every woman she was in contact with, a loving mom, giving and always had a smile.” Kay described. “She was beautiful and loved being photographed."

West’s body was found at about 5 a.m. outside her home on Saturday, Jan. 13 in the small town of Calera. She was discovered by a neighbor's daughter. West was face-down, wearing only a sports bra and bleeding from the head.

Police found a cell phone next to her body and also a bottle of alcohol known as Lucid, a type of absinthe. 

West bought the bottle of absinthe at R&R Wine and Liquor the night before her body was discovered. The store's surveillance video shows her pulling up in a black Chevy with a man who looks like her husband.

She was wearing a striped top, a leather jacket, jeans and wedges. She sure seemed to be in a happy mood and at one point the guy gives her a playful pat on the behind.

“They came in, it looked like they were on their date night," Stacey Oglesby, a liquor store clerk told Inside Edition. "They bought a bottle of Jameson and a bottle of Lucid absinthe and made their purchase and went on their way. Everything was normal."

Neighbor Kevin Wachs took a photo of the crime scene. 

"It's got everybody a little bit on edge and a little bit uneasy right now, and we just want answers," he told Inside Edition. 

West’s death is turning into a “whodunit” on social media, with thousands of citizen sleuths offering theories about the mystery.

"It could have been a follower of hers,” was one comment. 

Another said that her death may not have been a murder at all, saying, "I’ve come to the conclusion it was alcohol poisoning and she passed out and busted her head." 

A service was held for West on Tuesday. Her husband posted on Facebook that the family wishes to mourn privately.