Keep Going: Mike Posner Completes Walk Across America

Keep Going: Mike Posner Completes Walk Across America
Mike Posner

Posner says through it all, he refused to be a victim.

Keep going.

Taking his own advice, Mike Posner has just completed his walk across America. The Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter schlepped it on foot from New Jersey to California. 

Originally setting out on the journey six months ago, Posner did so to regain a sense of clarity after the passing of his father and his close friend Avicii. 

Twin Boomerang posts on Instagram and Twitter show Posner elated upon completion.

With his hands in the air, he is all smiles as waves crash against the sand. The caption simply reads, “My name is Mike Posner and I walked across America. Keep Going.”

Posner became even more inspiring after a rattlesnake bite threatened to derail his progress in August. It was so severe he had to be hospitalized before learning to walk again through physical therapy.

Posner said that through it all, he refused to be a victim.

“As my leg started to get stronger, there’s a part in my mind that actually didn’t want to get better. I wanted to stay broken so everyone could keep spoiling me.”

In all, Posner said he walked nearly 3,000 miles, a move he said has transformed him. 

“I do know that I am not the same person I was when I started. I’m harder. I’m more authentic. I’m more real. I’m more myself. That’s the only trophy I need. Keep going,” Posner said.