Kentucky Chick-Fil-A Drive-Thru Somehow Serves 3 Cars Every Minute


That's a lot of chicken.

A Kentucky Chick-fil-A has broken their drive-thru record by serving an astounding 178 cars in just an hour.

While the employees at the Louisville restaurant didn't bend the rules of space and time, they did manage to serve what breaks down to about three cars per minute.

That's a lot of chicken sandwiches.

"We broke our Drive-Thru record today! 178 cars in one hour!" the restaurant proudly posted to Facebook. "Thank you to every guest who came through today and we are so proud of our team for such an accomplishment!"

The Facebook feed saw an outpouring of support from local customers who'd long noted the location's lightning-fast service. 

Long known for its chicken and ubiquitous waffle fries, Chick-fil-A has become something of a magnet for all things inspirational.

Earlier this summer, a baby was born in a Texas location. Back in April, the manager of a Florida Chick-fil-A spread the word on the sign outside that his employee needed a date to senior prom. And, in January, a soldier donned the chain's cow mascot costume to surprise his wife in a store when he arrived home from Afghanistan.