Kentucky Photographer Shoves Bride's Stepmother During Ceremony

Wedding Kiss

The photographer was trying to capture a pivotal moment of the occasion, the first kiss.

A Kentucky wedding photographer has gone viral, and it's not for her photos.

Video from a Sept. 8 wedding in Kentucky captured the awkward moment as an elbow went flying as Josh and Lorna Gantt tied the knot.

The bride's stepmom had the misfortune of getting in the way of the biggest moment of the event — the first kiss.

Josh, 33, and Lorna Gantt, 24, were married in Kentucky. Their photographer says she politely asked stepmom to "step" aside   several times before elbowing the woman aside during the important moment.  

The bride posted the video on her Facebook page following the wedding. It currently has more than 175,000 views. 

Despite the awkward and shocking moment, the wedding guests were reportedly congratulated the photographer for doing her job.  

Even the bride was pleased her photographer was able to get the key shot and did what she had to do, the Daily Mail reported.