Kid Running From Cops Hides in Trash Can

With cat urine and dirty diapers inside the can, the owner of the garbage said it probably smelled pretty bad.

A young man in Oregon jumped into a trash can in a last-ditch effort to hide from police and it was all captured on a neighbor’s home security camera.

In the video, the kid, fleeing a cop, leaps into the garbage, pulling the lid over himself. Moments later a cop walks by, asking nearby children, "Which way did that kid run?"

It was a scorching 90 degrees outside, but the kid sat in the trash can for 30 minutes, at which point he peaked out and hopped from the can once the coast was clear. At first, he casually walked away, then he took off. 

Homeowner Zach Pierce was home with his baby when it all went down.

"I see him jump out and I go, 'That's a really gross spot to play hide-and-seek,' because that's what I thought was going on,” Pierce told Inside Edition. 

Among the things inside the trash can? Baby diapers, cat litter and more.

The kid was caught about an hour later. Police said he was wanted on theft charges.