Kind 19-Year-Old Shaves His Head to Match Little Sister's Scar After Brain Surgery

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A supportive 19-year-old got a haircut to match his younger sister's scar after she had brain surgery earlier this year.

Alana McMullen, 17, of Mississippi, began throwing up and feeling sick for weeks after the holiday season, but it wasn’t until she lost hearing in her left ear that doctors sent her to have an MRI.

In March, she was diagnosed with a medulloblastoma tumor.

Soon after, she had an operation at LeBonheur’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis to remove it.

"I wasn’t thinking it was going to be a tumor," Alana told "Everything happened really fast."

It came back within days that Alana’s tumor was cancerous.

Alana’s brother, Ethan McMullen, was distraught when he heard the news of her diagnosis, but knew he had to remain strong for his sister.

Three of their grandparents are also currently battling cancer so they have developed a saying in their family: "No one fights alone."

When Ethan saw Alana’s 10-inch scar, he knew he wanted to do something to make sure she knew he was right by her side. He decided to have his barber give him a haircut that replicated her surgery scar.

“I saw her scar right after she got out of surgery. I saw it before she did," Ethan said. "I was like, 'That’s a pretty big scar,' and I was like, 'I think my barber can do something that will look like that.'"

Alana said she and her brother have always been close and she thought his gesture was "really cool."

"That’s the perfect thing to get a haircut," Ethan added. 

Alana will start chemotherapy on Tuesday and Ethan intends to shave his head if his sister's hair begins to fall out.


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