A Kind Sole: Girl, 11, Collects Shoes to Give to Homeless Children

She has collected nearly 2,000 pairs of shoes to give to those less fortunate.

A young girl in North Carolina is taking steps to improve the lives of others by collecting shoes and donating them to homeless children.

Emily Inch, 11, has always been active in helping others. When she was younger, she gave away her toys and clothes to those less fortunate than herself. So when she learned that there were 4,000 homeless children in the Charlotte/Mecklenburg area, she got to work.

Her organization, Soles for Kids Shoe Drive, collects footwear for children in need.

She has even applied for — and won — grants from YSA (Youth Service America) and Disney Summer of Service Program, using the funds to buy shoes that she then donates. 

“With the money, I cleared out two Walmarts of their shoe section,” she told good news outlet HooplaHa

While purchasing some shoes and raising funds for others, she collected an incredible 1,898 pairs of footwear for kids in her area, including the city of Charlotte. 

Inch told Hooplaha that she hopes her actions will inspire others, especially those her age. 

“I want to help more kids get out there, start their own projects, and inspire more kids at an early age,” she said.