King Charles Bought and Renovated Transylvanian Guest Home, Currently Available for Rental

Nighttime shot of guest home in RomaniaNighttime shot of guest home in Romania
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After visiting Transylvania in 1988, the now-King Charles has bought and renovated a guest home for rentals.

King Charles is a major fan of Transylvania and purchased a home in the Romanian region to use as a guest house available for rental, according to Reuters.

According to the outlet, the new king purchased and restored an 18th-century Saxon cottage in the Transylvanian village of Viscri, Romania, after first visiting the region in 1998 and falling in love with the area’s beauty.

According to the outlet, a portion of the property has been converted into a training center to help "secure a livelihood in Romania's villages," through teaching traditional crafts and skills.

In further dedication to Romanian tradition, the property has antique furnishings and hand-woven woolen carpets, and the common areas of the home include a dining room, where staff prepares family-style meals from locally sourced ingredients, per the guesthouse's website.

The home, formally known as Zalán Guesthouse, is available for overnight stays, with proceeds going toward his local charitable foundation, according to Reuters. 

"The Prince of Wales hopes that his guesthouse will encourage more people to visit Transylvania and, in this way, promote sustainable development," the guest home's website explained. 

"Proceeds from the guesthouse go to The Prince of Wales Foundation in Romania, member of The Prince's Charities.”

According to Reuters, this has helped put Transylvania — also known as Count Dracula’s birthplace — on the world map of tourism.

This influx of tourists has mixed reviews among the locals. For some, their businesses have increased sales, but others have complaints about traffic, increased cost of living and property prices, and other disruptions, per the outlet.

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