Larry Nassar Moved From Federal Prison After Being Attacked By Other Inmates: Report

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Within hours of being released into the prison's general population, Larry Nassar was allegedly assaulted by other men serving time at the high-security prison.

Disgraced USA Gymnastics national team doctor and convicted serial child molester Larry Nassar has been moved from a federal prison in Arizona after being attacked by other inmates, according to reports.

Nassar, 55, was released into the general population at the U.S. Penitentiary Tuscon in Arizona in May. 

Within hours, Nassar was allegedly assaulted by other men serving time at the high-security prison, court documents filed by Nassar’s attorney obtained by the Detroit News said.

Nassar was removed from the general population of the prison before being brought to Oklahoma City’s Federal Transfer Center, officials said. 

The facility is typically used to house inmates being moved from one prison to another. It is unclear where Nassar will ultimately be sent.

Nassar could be transferred to a high security prison in Florida or Indiana, Ralph Miller, a retired Bureau of Prisons employee, told the Detroit News.

“This is a difficult case for the Bureau of Prisons in that Nassar's case is highly publicized and he will be known to the inmate population no matter which facility is selected,” Miller said. “Due to this, the Bureau of Prisons is likely to utilize all available high security facilities prior to reviewing him for placement in a medium with in excess of 30 years to still be served.”

Nassar had been sent to the Arizona facility in February after being sentenced to life in prison for molesting athletes and possessing child pornography. 

The U.S. Penitentiary Tuscon is the only high-security facility that also offers a sex offender management program. Of the about 1,500 inmates there, about 70 to 80 are sex offenders, the Detroit News reported.

Nassar pleaded guilty to child pornography charges in federal court last summer. He must serve the entirety of his federal sentence before he can serve his state sentences. 

If he lives to his release date on Feb. 23, 2069, at which time he would be 105 years old, Nassar will then have to serve two other sentences in Michigan.