Las Vegas-Based 'Real Water' Sued by Several Customers Who Say Water Made Them Ill

Inside Edition spoke to several people who say they were hospitalized after drinking the water, which was recalled voluntarily by the company. Attorney Will Kemp believes the alleged reactions were caused by a bad batch.

A group of men and women are speaking out after they say they were all hospitalized with mystery illnesses linked to “Real Water" brand alkaline water, which has a higher pH than tap water. Their symptoms included feeling “electricity” in their extremities, elevated heart rate and liver failure.

One woman said she thought she had COVID-19. All seven of the people who spoke to Inside Edition said they had been regular drinkers of Real Water, guzzling multiple five-gallon jugs each week. Last fall, they all say they started feeling ill.

The group's attorney, Will Kemp, has filed lawsuits against the company and is investigating whether the cause was a botched batch at their Las Vegas bottling plant. Kemp says he believes that they put too much of the concentrate in the alleged bad batch.

“We know of two miscarriages; one woman had a stroke and had to have emergency brain surgery,” Kemp said.

The CDC and FDA are investigating, and Real Water has announced a voluntary, nationwide recall.

“I want to apologize to all our customers and assure you the lessons learned will drive further improvements in the brand,” President Brent Jones wrote on social media.

The FDA has warned that not only should people avoid drinking the brand Real Water, but pets as well.