At Least 4 Pets Die Aboard Plane That Crashed Into Florida River: Report

A plane crashed into the river in Florida on Friday night.
U.S. Navy

The pets were being held in the luggage compartment, which was submerged in the crash.

Four pets are believed to be dead after a plane slid off the runway in Florida and crashed into the river Friday night.

All 143 people on the flight from Cuba to Jacksonville survived, but the animals on board weren't so lucky. At least four pets were being held in the luggage compartment below and are believed to have died, the U.S. Navy told the Daily News.

The luggage compartment was submerged in the crash.

“We’re waiting for the plane to be moved before we can retrieve the pets and the luggage on board,” the Navy spokesperson told the Daily News.

“I think it is a miracle” no people were killed, the station’s commanding officer, Capt. Michael Connor, said at a news conference.

The plane was still in the river Saturday as crews worked to remove it.