'Lion King' Re-Told With the Help of 90,000 Dominoes

It took 30 hours to assemble the dominoes after three months of planning.

A group of dedicated and patient artists in Germany took 90,000 dominoes and assembled them together to re-tell Disney’s "The Lion King."

It took 30 hours to assemble the scenes using dominoes last month, and less than four minutes to fall down. 

The dominoes showcase such famous scenes from the animated film as Simba being held to the sky by Rafiki and Scar pushing Mufasa off a cliff. 

Johannes Linnenbrink of Rheda-Wiendruck and five friends planned for three months before a marathon session in which they meticulously assembled each and every domino. 

"The designing started in December, with a three-month-long brainstorming session," Linnenbrink told Caters News. "After settling on the topic of 'Lion King,' I came up with 27 different projects of scenes within this piece. We decided the positions of the individual scenes and where to set up the lines to connect them together, so that everything topples in the right sequence — that took a month alone."

The builders put the project together with the help of extremely steady hands and special computer programs that calculated how many dominoes would be needed for each scene. 

On June 3, Linnenbrink and his buddies showcased their work in a school gym. They pushed the first domino and the rest fell according to plan as the audience gasped in excitement and clapped along the way. 

"The music from 'Lion King' was huge influence in deciding on this being our chosen subject for this year’s piece," Linnenbrink added. "Besides of the sound of dominoes, we all like to listen to the music."