Lip Reader Reveals Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Intimate Moments During Royal Wedding

Larry Wenig was able to shed some light on what the royals were saying to each other.

A lip reader enlisted by Inside Edition is able to shed some light on those sweet little whispers as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry met at the altar Saturday. 

"You look amazing," Prince Harry told his bride as she approached, according to Larry Wenig. 

There was an interesting moment Saturday when the groom and his brother, Prince William, chatted as they made their way to the chapel. Apparently, William was complaining that his pants were a little too constrictive. 

He said, "My knickers are too tight," according to Wenig. Harry then gave his brother’s pants a once-over.

As they waited for the bride to arrive the brothers engaged in whispered conversation.

One published report claimed Harry said, "Waiting for Meghan, my hair is going to go gray.” 

Wenig disagrees.

He said, "I am just waiting for my mother's stone," Wenig said. Sure enough, Harry gave Meghan his mother's aquamarine ring later that night.

There was also a sweet moment as the newlyweds emerged from St. George's Chapel.    

Wenig says that the bride told her husband, "OK, let's kiss!" as they posed on the steps of the chapel.