Little Girl Surprises Publix Worker With $10K Check After Strangers Touched by Their Bond Donate to GoFundMe

A high-five started a heartwarming bond between a publix worker and a little girl.

A Florida supermarket employee who formed a connection with a little girl was stunned when his favorite customer surprised him with a check for thousands that strangers from all corners of the internet donated to after being touched by the pair's special bond.  

Four years ago, Gilnet Sainvil was working his routine Saturday shift at a Publix in Fort Myers when he met 2-year-old Fiona and her mother. Sainvil and the little girl gave each other a high-five and that marked the beginning of their friendship, reported NBC2. 

“I’ll always remember that moment,” Gilnet told NBC2. “Seriously, I’ll never forget that moment.”

Fiona’s mother, Rachel Smith, started sharing their interactions on TikTok. After millions of views, Smith created a GoFundMe campaign for Gilnet.

"Our favorite Publix worker, Gilnet, has always provided a smile, a hug, and a high five for Fiona since she was a baby," Smith wrote. "He even got her a bicycle for her birthday. I'd love to give something tangible back to him for the unquantifiable joy he's given my daughter her whole life."

As of Monday, the campaign has raised more than $10,000. And earlier this month, Fiona presented him with the check for $10,000.

Because they would give each other high fives every time they saw one other, Fiona started nicknamed Gilnet "High Five.”

Over time, the two grew close and Gilnet even gave Fiona a bike for her third birthday. “And he expected nothing in return,” Rachel told NBC2.  

When the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, Fiona’s weekly shopping trips to Publix stopped and she and Gilnet lost touch. But they were recently reunited Gilnet's new store in Cape Coral after two years.

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