This 'Lizzie McGuire' Actress Has Enlisted in the Army

Carly Schroeder is looking at a big career change.

This actress has gone from "Lizzie McGuire" darling to soldier-in-training.

Carly Schroeder is undergoing a big career change. After appearing in the hit Disney Channel show with Hilary Duff and movies like "Forget Me Not" and "Rites of Passage," she has enlisted in the Army.

"If you can survive Hollywood, I think you can survive the Army," the 28-year-old told Inside Edition.

She's giving her social media followers a look at the skills she's learning and the drills she's completed. She can be seen wielding guns and sporting bright blonde braids.

Schroeder admitted that a few women recognized her when she first enlisted, but she said it didn't distract from the mission of the unit.

One of the toughest adjustments? The food, she said.

"I started off being vegan and when I got here I switched to being vegetarian. I had to start eating eggs to get a little more protein. It was a pretty rough adjustment," she said.