Long-Lost Sisters Say They Were Reunited Because of COVID-19

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Two long-lost sisters have been reunited after one was stricken with coronavirus and moved to a rehab facility where the other one happened to work. Bev Boro was just 6 months old when she was placed into foster care in 1967. Her older sister, Doris, was already 20 and not living at home.

"My father was a truck driver and he would make my mother go out on the road with him and be gone for a week, so the state of Nebraska came and took us because I believe a neighbor called in," Bev told Inside Edition.

Her big sister Doris had no idea what happened to her. Fast forward more than half a century, Doris got COVID-19. After fighting for her life for 30 days in the hospital, Doris was transferred to the Fremont Methodist Rehab Facility in Nebraska.

Miraculously, it's also where Bev works.

"I'd see her name and I was just like 'Oh my god, this is my sister,'" Bev told Inside Edition. 

Doris is deaf, so her sister took a white board and wrote these words: "Is your father Wendel Huffman?"

"She read it and she says, 'That's my daddy'" Bev said.

The sisters reunited after more than 50 years.

"If I wouldn't have gotten the COVID in the beginning, we would have never met, this would have never happened," Doris said. 


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