A Look Back at the Moment Nancy Kerrigan Came Face to Face With Tonya Harding After Clubbing Attack

There is renewed interest in their figure skating rivalry with the release of "I, Tonya."

Nancy Kerrigan's performance on Dancing With the Stars earlier this year put her back on TV and in the nation's collective heart, but behind that beaming smile, the former figure skater has suffered her fair share of sorrows.

Kerrigan is now 48. These days, her top priority is raising her three children.  

She is often seen as an American princess in comparison to arch-rival Tonya Harding and her blue-collar background, but Kerrigan also came from modest means. Her father was a welder who worked three jobs so she could pursue Olympic stardom.

After that infamous 1994 attack with a pipe just a month before the Lillehammer Olympics sidelined her career, it was Kerrigan's father, Daniel, who carried the stricken skater from the arena.

Seventeen years later, Daniel Kerrigan was at the center of another family crisis. In 2011, her brother, Mark, was accused of grabbing their dad by the neck during an argument in the kitchen of the family home outside Boston.

The fight ended in Daniel's death from heart failure. Mark was found guilty of assault and battery.

After the trial, Kerrigan said her family never blamed Mark for her father's death and her dad never would have wanted any of what came out of it. 

In 1998, four years after the attack, Kerrigan and Harding came face-to-face for the first time since the clubbing attack.

It was for a Fox TV special, Breaking the Ice. The tension between the two women was thick. While Harding apologized for what had happened to Kerrigan, the victim would not say anything back to her. 

In the acclaimed new movie I, Tonya, Nancy Kerrigan is played by the actress Caitlin Carver. Harding is portrayed by Australian actress Margot Robbie, who has been generating Oscar buzz for the role. 

Kerrigan's husband, Jerry Solomon, told Inside Edition that his wife has not seen the movie and will not comment.