Lori Daybell's Son Calls Imprisoned Mom in Promo for New Netflix Documentary

Lori Vallow Daybell is awaiting trial for allegedly killing her two children. "Sins of Our Mother” premieres Sept. 14 on Netflix.

The so-called “doomsday” mom awaiting trial for allegedly killing her two children is the subject of an upcoming Netflix documentary, “Sins of Our Mother.”

Lori Vallow Daybell recently appeared in court as a judge determined she was mentally fit to stand trial. 

In a new promo released for the documentary, Daybell’s son Colby calls his imprisoned mother and confronts her with allegations that she killed his two siblings, 16-year-old Tylee and 7-year-old JJ. Their bodies were found on the property of Lori’s fifth husband, Chad Daybell, who is also awaiting trial.

“I would have never thought you would have ever done something like this,” Colby tells his mom.

“What is it that you think that I've done?” Lori asks. 

“Are you sorry for me? Or are you sorry for my siblings?” Colby says.

“I'm sorry that you don't really fully understand the situation,” Lori says.

The three-part documentary shows Lori Daybell as a beauty pageant contestant talking about her life as a wife and mom.

“Being a good mom is very important to me, and a good wife. Being all those things together is not easy, so I’m basically a ticking time bomb,” Daybell says in old pageant footage.

Before the 2004 contest for the crown of Mrs. Texas, Lori Daybell, whose name at the time was Lori Ryan, had just won $17,000 on “Wheel of Fortune.”

Lori and Chad Daybell have pleaded not guilty to all charges. “Sins of Our Mother” premieres Sept. 14 on Netflix.

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