Louisiana Zoo on Lockdown as Crews Search for Cara the 12-Foot Python

Cara, the 12-foot Burmese python that is on the loose.

”We have not found her yet, but we’re searching day and night," Blue Zoo Chief Marketing Officer Ronda Swanson said Wednesday morning, NBC reported. 

Where are you hiding, Cara?

Yes, a 12-foot Burmese Python from a Louisiana Aquarium is on the loose. The good news is that it is "not poisonous,” or a threat to humans.

Cara slithered out of her enclosure at the Blue Zoo Interactive Aquarium located in Baton Rogue’s Mall of Louisiana, forcing the zoo to go on lockdown on Wednesday to look for the wandering snake.

"Cara is a non-poisonous, friendly snake that enjoys her time interacting with guests during our Snake Education Shows,” the zoo said in a statement obtained by NBC News.

In fact, the yellow and white-colored snake is "an adored member of our Blue Zoo family," zoo officials said.

The St. George Fire Department was called late Tuesday morning to help search for the python. 

Officials believe Cara did not make it into any of the stores and is still within the confines of the Blue Zoo, according to a spokesman with the St. George Fire Department, ABC affiliate WBZR reported.

“The safety of our animals is of utmost importance to us, so to ensure Cara's safety, we will be closed for the day," the statement read.

Officials believe Cara may have made her way into the ceiling, WBRZ reported. 

On Wednesday afternoon, officials gave the public and all those who are concerned about Cara's behalf an update on their Facebook as they continue to search for the friendly snake.

"We’ve brought in multiple snake experts to assist in the search, in addition to an animal tracker that is working with us throughout the evening and overnight. We’ve purchased night vision cameras to see more difficult areas, in addition to multiple motion sensor cameras," officials said.

The statement continued: "We’ve hired a company using infrared, additionally, local plumbing and HVAC companies continue to snake cameras throughout all possible openings and small areas. We have heat and food sources to draw her in as well and have a veterinarian on standby. We all love Cara and their dedication and passion for her return is evident."

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