Lousiana Man and Bloodhound Track Down Missing Elderly Man With Dementia

A Louisiana man and his bloodhound tracked down a missing man with demenia.
Zach Stephens and Ruby.Facebook

Zach Stephens and his trusty bloodhound Ruby found a missing 85-year-old man with dementia.

A Louisiana man and his trusty bloodhound tracked down an elderly man suffering from dementia who had gone missing for four days.

Total elapsed time it took Ruby to sniff out the man's location: 34 minutes.

“I was shocked. I was thinking, you know it’s been 4 days, the chances aren’t real good. It’s been search parties out here and it’s been other dogs out here, so when I saw him and he started talking to me, I was shocked. I was happy,” Ruby's owner told KNOE-TV.

Callie Russell reported her 85-year-old husband, Kenneth, missing on Saturday night. He walked away from their Calhoun home and didn't come back.

Dozens of volunteers and deputies with the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office searched for days without luck, as news spread of Russell's disappearance.

On Wednesday, Stephens and Ruby arrived to offer their help. The night before, Callie Russell said she had a premonition.

“Last night I felt it. I said they’re going to find him tomorrow. And here comes that guy with that dog,” she told the station Wednesday after being reunited with her husband.

Ruby, after being given one of Kenneth Russell's shoes to sniff, ran into a wooded area just yards from the couple's home and found the man.

“Boy you talk about a woman that was so happy,” his wife said. He was taken to a local hospital to be checked out, where his first request was for water and ice cream, she said.

Stephens, meanwhile, insisted he did nothing out of the ordinary. 

"She picked up the scent in his front yard and went the opposite direction everyone thought Mr Russell went," Stephens wrote on his Facebook page. "I’ve been working with dogs long enough to know I was holding the dumb end of the leash so I just followed her."