‘Love Actually’ Is All Around: Man Proposes With Cue Card Stunt Inspired by Hit Film

The couple has dated for four years.

A Massachusetts man was so inspired by the hit Christmas film Love Actually that he actually edited himself into the movie to propose to his girlfriend.

The surprise came as Allan Hughes and his girlfriend, Maria, were watching the holiday favorite last December.

But during the notable scene where Andrew Lincoln's character professes his love to his best friend's wife, played by Keira Knightley, Lincoln is replaced by Hughes, who had edited himself into the movie for a love declaration of his own.

It was Maria’s favorite scene, so her boyfriend knew it was the best way to pop the question

When the scene came on, Maria, who wrote about the proposal on HowHeAsked.com, was confused. 

"The doorbell rings, Juliette walks to the door, opens the door and it’s Allan. He’s holding the cue cards: 'Hi! I’m in Love Actually, crazy eh?'" she wrote. 

As he went through the cue cards to explain how much he loved her and couldn’t picture his life without her, the music of their favorite song, “Hoppipolla,” by Sigur Ros began playing in the background and her family even made an appearance. 

"The entire time we were watching the scene, Allan was holding me closer and closer into his arms, until his final cue card read, 'Will You Marry Me?’ and he got up from the couch and went down on one knee. I tried to say “Yes” but I was utterly speechless, and was only able to nod 'yes' to let him know my answer," she wrote. 

The couple has dated for four years and while the proposal happened three months ago, it is picking up traction on social media after they posted the video of the scene.