Maine Couple Hides $20,000 in State to Celebrate Bicentennial, Setting Off a Treasure Hunt for the Fortune

Somewhere in Maine is hidden $20,000.
If you don't mind walking and traveling, there's a treasure hidden in the Pine State.Getty

The creators of the treasure hunt, Kurt and Kelly Stokes, said they want players to take in all that the state of Maine has to offer as they search for the money.

Somewhere in Maine, in the country's northernmost state, $20,000 has been hidden and it's all yours, provided you can find it in the jagged and mountainous terrain that covers more than 35,000 square miles.

Seekers are invited to come on up to the Pine Street State by residents Kurt and Kelly Stokes, and their company, Dirigo Treasures LLC.

“We created the game to celebrate Maine’s 200 years of statehood,” Kurt told The Lincoln County News. “What better way to celebrate Maine than to get people out of the house, out of their town, and exploring parts of the state they never knew existed?”

The Newcastle couple spent three years photographing and exploring their state. The treasure hunt involves a secret, a riddle, and a puzzle.

Contestants will begin their search with a deck of cards featuring 52 iconic images and locations in Maine. Armed with an instruction manual, players will travel each location, where they'll find a new visual clue. The winner will eventually find $20,000 in cash or cash equivalent.

“We want players to explore the unique scenery of Maine, from its rushing rivers to green forests and towering mountains,” Kurt said. “We designed the game to be geographically and historically diverse.” There are no strenuous or dangerous terrains in the hunt, he said.

Those interested in participating in the treasure search may sign up here.