Man Banned From Royal Caribbean Cruises After Jumping off 11th-Floor Balcony Into Water

A 27-year-old man and his friends have been banned for life from Royal Caribbean cruises after he jumped more than 100 feet off his 11th-floor deck into the water below.

Stomach-churning video shows the moment a Washington man leaped off a Royal Caribbean cruise docked in the Bahamas. 

Nick Naydev, 27, hurled himself over the edge of the balcony to his 11th-floor room on the Symphony of the Seas and posted video of the leap on Instagram, where it's racked up more than 90,000 views. His friends laugh as Naydev falls to the turquoise water more than 100 feet below, limbs flailing. 

"I was still drunk from the previous night," Naydev of Vancouver commented on Instagram, adding to people who were concerned for him, "My feet were actually fine. It was my neck and tailbone that hurt."

Though the video doesn't show what happened afterward, Naydev and his friends were kicked off the ship. They met with authorities before having to find their own way back home to the U.S. 

Social media reaction was swift, with many calling out Naydev for the dangerous stunt and others accusing him of just grasping for viral fame.

"You could easily die doing that," said one person. "You did something stupid and are lucky to be alive, you're not a legend," added another.

The video prompted Royal Caribbean to ban Naydev and his friends from the cruise line for life. 

“This was stupid and reckless behavior, and he and his companions have been banned from ever sailing with us again,” the cruise line said in a statement. “We are exploring legal action.”