This Man Is Best Friends With His Venomous Pet Centipede

He has owned the arthropod since 2014.

A Taiwanese man and his centipede are the best of friends. 

Their trust is so great that Neil Cheng Le, 26, even lets the venomous arthropod crawl all over his body. However, he warns, not everyone should try that at home.

“I have no problem letting her crawl over me and hand-feeding her,” he told Caters News Agency. “Their bite can definitely be painful but I never feel unsafe, as I’m an experienced arthropod hobbyist.”
Cheng Le first got the Peruvian giant centipede in 2014, but says that since then, she has grown much larger.

Although the centipede’s bites can incapacitate prey 15 times its size, Cheng Le seems unbothered by this fact.
“She has always been very gentle and easy to handle,” he explained. “However, you need the right experience and knowledge to keep them healthy.”