Man Buys Entire Island Then Allegedly Steals $300 Worth of Merchandise From Kmart

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A multi-millionaire lawyer who recently bought an entire island in the Florida Keys for $8 million was accused of shoplifting from a Kmart. 

Andrew Lippi is accused of stealing about $300 in goods from his local Kmart in Florida. 

Police say Lippi bought a $165 Keurig coffee machine and returned it the next day. But when the workers at Kmart opened the box, they "discovered Lippi had replaced the Keurig with a basketball," the police report says.

Lippi allegedly bought two boxes of light bulbs and returned those items for a refund. "All the lightbulbs had been replaced with a different brand of light bulbs when returned," the police report says.

He told police he had “nothing to do with that” when asked if he swapped the bulbs. 

Lippi also allegedly bought a $27 bed skirt and replaced it with a pillowcase when he returned it.

“I'm feeling that your intentions are fraud returns to get money back,” an officer told him. 

In an exclusive interview with Inside Edition, the 59-year-old Lippi said he returned all the items in good faith.

I "did not switch, steal or take anything from that store,” he said. “Each time these items were taken in, reviewed by the clerk who opened the box, looked at 'em, and approved the return. After that, I can’t tell you what happened.” 

He added that he “can’t explain what happened” when a basketball was found in the box where a coffee maker should have been. He claimed “maybe somebody else returned it, maybe somebody switched it. I don't know what happened.”


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