Man Calls Police... Over a Very Large Zucchini

It Wasn't a Bomb, Just a Very Big Zucchini
Is that a bomb or a... ?Karlsruhe Police

The homeowner thought he was looking at a leftover World War II bomb.

An 81-year-old man was certain he'd found an unexploded piece of ordnance from World War II in his garden.

The panicked pensioner called police, who arrived to find only a very large, very green zucchini.

The 16-inch vegetable did indeed look something like a bomb, authorities said, and weighed about 11 pounds.

German officials say it's very common to find leftover armaments, especially during construction projects.

Such discoveries have resulted in thousands of residents being evacuated while the ordnances are defused or properly disposed of.

Police said it was likely someone had thrown the vast vegetable over the man's back hedge.