Man Describes Creepy Encounter With 'Dating Game' Serial Killer: 'I Always Get the Girl'

Rodney Alcala had already begun his murder spree when he appeared on the TV dating show back in 1978.

A bachelor looking for love on The Dating Game in the 70s, who wound up sitting next to a serial killer during the show, remains haunted by the encounter nearly 40 years later. 

No one had any idea that Rodney Alcala had already launched his killing spree when he appeared on the popular dating show in 1978.

Jed Mills was Bachelor No. 2 on the episode with Alcala, who was Bachelor No. 1.

“He was a really creepy guy, a real idiot,” Mills told Inside Edition. “This creep comes up to me and he puts his face practically in my face and says, ‘I always get the girl!’

"When I think about what he said, 'I always get my girl...' He kills them. That what he was talking about, but he's not telling us that obviously.” 

Despite Alcala’s odd behavior on The Dating Game, the bachelorette picked him as the winner. They never went on a subsequent date, however, because she reportedly found him creepy.

Alcala would later be convicted of seven murders. Investigators believe he may have actually killed up to 130 people based on photos found on his property.

Now, the disturbing story is being made into a movie, Dating Game Killer, which premieres Sunday on Investigation Discovery. The film stars Guillermo Diaz, who bears a striking resemblance to the real-life serial killer.

“He's got no remorse," Diaz told Inside Edition. "He's just got a dark, dark, dark soul." 

The movie shows how Alcala would lure his victims by posing as a professional photographer. 

Detectives say he would toy with his victims, often strangling them and allowing them to regain consciousness before finally killing them.

Incredibly, he had already served time in prison for sexual assault before appearing on The Dating Game. Somehow the producers of the show overlooked his criminal record.

Actress Carrie Preston plays the mom of one of the victims in the movie. 

“He was a convicted rapist when he did The Dating Game, had served time and they let him go on national television,” she told Inside Edition. 

Alcala is on death row in a California prison.