Man Finds SD Card Containing Pictures of Mystery Couple's Wedding Day

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When Michael Trollman was scanning a California beach with his metal detector, he had no clue what type of treasure he’d find.

This particular beep led him to dig 8 inches into the sand and pull up an SD card.

“My son had to go in the directory on the card, find the photos for me. When I saw wedding pictures on a boat in Hawaii, pictures from the mountains, looked like a vacation," Trollman told KCBS.

The card is certainly a prized possession for the newlyweds, who were married on May 27. 

Pictures and video on show the bride, groom and loved ones smiling and joking around. 

"Right away, I thought I need to return this the owner," Trollman said.

One photo illustrates a clue as to who the couple might be — Alex Ilmain and Shan Lue, posing with what appears to be their wedding certificate. 

Trollman hopes he can track them down in order to reunite the couple with the memories of their special day. 


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