Man Gets Dying Wish to Be Buried With 2 Philly Cheesesteaks

Richard Lussi
Richard Lussi

He'd told the family previously that's what he wanted.

A Pennsylvania man got his wish of being buried alongside his favorite food - Philly cheesesteaks.

Richard Lussi, who died in October of heart complications, previously told his family that he wanted to be buried with the sandwiches, according to his 25-year-old grandson Dominic Lussi.

Pat's King of Steaks in Philadelphia was one of the grandfather’s favorite places to grab one.

“He’s been going to 'Pat’s' with his friends since the 70s,” Dominic told “A while back we were joking around and we said ‘if you could take anything when with you die what would it be?’ He said ‘cheesesteaks.’ We all laughed and thought it was funny.”

Richard Lussi would often challenge family members to drive more than two hours to Philadelphia from Plains Township and back to get the sandwiches.

The night before Richard Lussi’s funeral, Lussi’s dad said he was going down to get the cheesesteaks to fulfill his dad’s wish.

“At first I was shocked. ‘I was like are we really going to do this?’" Lussi said. “This is what he wanted so we are just respecting his wish.”

Before Richard Lussi was buried, the family placed the two cheesesteaks in his casket with him.

“He’s probably up there right now enjoying his cheesesteaks and listening to ‘Time To Say Goodbye’ by Andrea Bocelli,” Lussi said. “He lived life to the fullest everyday was a party to him. He was always positive, always smiling.”