Man Goes to DC Grocery Store to Run Errand, Leaves Having Gotten Surprise COVID-19 Vaccination

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A 31-year-old law student got the COVID-19 vaccine by an amazing stroke of luck. David Macmillan and a buddy were in a Washington, D.C. supermarket when a pharmacist made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.

“She said, ‘Look, I have two doses of the Moderna vaccine. They are about to expire and the pharmacy closes in ten minutes. Do you want them?’” Macmillan told Inside Edition.

They jumped at the chance to get the vaccine so many million of Americans are waiting.

“I said yes. There wasn't any hesitation because it was a use it or lose it situation,” Macmillan said.

He added that he was going into the store to buy ingredients for chickpea curry and “came out with a COVID vaccine.”


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