Mike Pence, Sanjay Gupta Receive COVID-19 Vaccines as Southern California Faces Unprecedented Virus Surge

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A Tennessee nurse caused quite a stir when she fainted while talking to reporters after getting the COVID-19 vaccination, but doctors stressed it had nothing to do with the shot she received.

Tiffany Dover told reporters at a hospital in Chattanooga she has a medical condition and faints often.

“I have passed out six times in the last six weeks,” she said. “It's common for me!”

No such mishaps in Washington D.C. as Vice President Mike Pence was vaccinated, even though the hand of the medical technician, Sean Wadine, shook nervously as he put the need into Pence’s arm.

Neurosurgeon Dr. Sanjay Gupta revealed he’s afraid of needles as he received the vaccine live on CNN.

And a Louisiana nurse gave the vaccine to the doctor who saved her life when she had breast cancer.

But even as thousands get vaccinated, the pandemic rages on, worse than ever. Over the course of 48 hours, 100,000 new cases were reported in California, among them the 9-year-old daughter of Los Angeles’ mayor.

There are no ICU beds available anywhere in Southern California, where people could be seen lining up outside of hospitals, hoping to be treated in emergency rooms. The lack of bed space also impacts patients who don’t have COVID-19.

Connie Rim, whose back surgery has been postponed indefinitely, told Inside Edition she is in constant pain. “Some days are more severe than others, but the fact is, I can’t get up, I can’t sit up to watch TV, I can’t eat at the dinner table,” she said.

And in New York City, all elective surgery has been suspended.

At the same time, it’s feared that Christmas could bring yet another surge like that of Thanksgiving. An estimated 85 million people say they plan to travel over the holiday, despite pleas by authorities not to.


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