Man in India Disguises Himself as 81-Year-Old to Get on Flight to U.S.

An Indian man allegedly used a fake passport and beard to try to sneak on a flight to the U.S.
Jayesh Patel, before and after makeup and hair dye.Handout

The 32-year-old was trying to sneak on to a flight to America, officials said.

A man in India was arrested at New Delhi's airport after allegedly impersonating a senior citizen to get on a jet bound for America, officials said. 

Jayesh Patel, 32, allegedly sported a white beard, dyed hair and a fake passport passing himself off as 81-year-old Amrik Singh, NDTV reported. He was reportedly able to get past an initial security check and immigration officials before being stopped.

Security officers at Indira Gandhi International Airport became suspicious when the man said he was too old to get up from his wheelchair and avoided making eye contact with personnel, authorities said.

"His voice didn't match his age," said a spokesperson for the Central Industrial Security Force. "Despite gray hair, his skin seemed to be quite young and there were hardly any wrinkles on his face."

Patel had paid an "agent" to obtain phony immigration documents including a passport and a visa, officials said. He was taken to a hotel room where makeup was applied and his hair was bleached to make him look older, authorities said.

He was also given glasses and a turban, officials said.

Patel was arrested and taken into custody. Authorities are looking for the agent and any potential accomplices, officials said.