Man Knits Sweaters to Match the Scenery of His Vacation Spots

The photos are priceless.

You can tell where this Maryland man has been based on the clothes he wears. 

Sam Barsky began knitting sweaters of famous places 19 years ago, and then he started visiting those places while wearing the corresponding sweaters. 

He eventually realized the moments made great photo opportunities.

“We are going to all these places — it just felt natural," Barsky said. "If I was going somewhere and I had a sweater of it, wear the sweater there. I noticed after a while I had a collection of pictures wearing my sweaters in the places they represented and I thought wow this is another type of art."

So he started an Instagram account, and his nearly 30,000 followers are appreciating his creativity.

From the desert in Mexico, to hanging with some llamas in Maryland, Barsky matches his surroundings quite often.

Barsky has 120 sweaters in total, each of which takes a month to knit. Coincidentally, his favorite yarn is from Inside Edition anchor Deborah Norville’s collection.

Although he hasn’t been to every place that's been immortalized on a sweater, he improvises on occasion. He hasn’t been to the Eiffel Tower, but he made his photo op work with a trip to Nevada. 

“This picture is at Paris, Las Vegas,” Barsky wrote on an image next to the replica of the Eiffel Tower on the Strip.

He’s already working on Colorado-themed sweaters for his upcoming summer trip.