Reporter Hilariously Falls in Pool During a Live Shot

Needless to say, they had to cut the segment short.

A BBC reporter accidentally went for a swim during a live interview in Australia.

Mike Bushell, a sports presenter, was about to interview England Commonwealth Games swimmers Sarah Vasey, Adam Peaty, Siobhan-Marie O'Connor, Ben Proud and James Guy, who were sitting on the edge of a small pool, when he fell in.

"I’m going to be careful because I’ve got a sound pack on," Bushell said as he stepped in the water, but he did the opposite as he failed to notice a second step at the bottom of the pool and tripped, mic in hand.

"I didn’t realize there was a step there," he said during the shot.

The athletes burst out laughing as Bushell tried to recuperate from the embarrassing fall.

The interview was cut short as his microphone and sound pack appeared to have suffered water damage, The Guardian reported.

Bushell later added: "I just thought it was a little Jacuzzi or a kids' pool."