Radio Reporter Recounts 4 Hours Stuck in Snow as Nor'Easter Snarls Traffic

Many who were brave enough to get behind the wheel quickly found themselves stuck.

The heavy, wet snow that blanketed the northeast Wednesday made navigating the roads extremely difficult, and many of those who ventured out in their cars wound up either trapped or stranded. 

1010 WINS reporter John Montone found himself stranded on a New Jersey highway for four hours. He reported right from the scene on Facebook Live. 

"One of the dispatchers just said, ‘John, I have never seen anything like this,'" he recalled to Inside Edition. 

Daryl Connor was stuck for 10 hours on I-280 in New Jersey. As the hours ticked by, he posted updates on Instagram. He even befriended other stranded motorists.

Connor was finally rescued by a snowplow, and got home at midnight.

Winter Storm Quinn hammered the Northeast with three feet of snow in some areas, according to The Weather Channel. It was the second nor’easter to hit the area in less than a week. 

The combination of heavy snow, freezing rain, and strong winds that clocked in at more than 50 miles per hour in some areas resulted in tree damage and more than 1 million power outages across the area.