Dog Builds a Snowman as Unusual 'Beast From the East' Snow Rocks the U.K.

Much of the U.K. continues to be on red alert after Storm Emma hit.

Tyson the border collie is determined to build a snowman, and he doesn’t appear to need any help

After an unusual bout of snow hit the U.K. Wednesday as a result of the "Beast From the East" storm, a playful puppy in Durham, England, was caught on camera rolling a large ball of snow as if he were trying to build the base of a snowman.

“Tyson and my other dog are always doing silly things for attention, but I’ve never seen any dog do this before, let alone mine,” Tyson’s owner, Reece Pallister, told Caters News. “At one point, the ball was so big he couldn’t get it over to the other side of the garden, so my sister and I had to move it for him.”

He explained that snow is so rare in the area that Tyson becomes extra excited every time it does snow.

However, not everyone had such positive experiences when Storm Emma, which formed in Siberia, hit the area.

A 7-year-old girl in the town of Looe in Cornwall, England, was killed after a car slid off the road and crashed into her house, and a 46-year-old driver was killed after colliding with a truck in icy conditions, the BBC reported.

Police in Leeds also reported found a 75-year-old woman dead in a snowy street that may have been a result of the weather.

It is believed that many others have lost their lives in storm-related incidents.

Much of the country continues to be on red alert — or "risk to life"  and many schools and airports are still closed due to weather.

Sporting events were postponed and most hospitals have canceled elective procedures and outpatient care, remaining open only for emergencies.

Many drivers in Scotland spent the night in their cars when traffic came to a standstill as a result of the sudden snow.

"I don't think it's very nice that nobody's telling us what's happening," an unidentified driver told APTN. "That is the biggest problem."

Authorities are warning people to stay off the roads and not to leave the home, except for emergencies.