Man Paralyzed From Waist Down Forced to Watch as Burglar Ransacks His Home

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Brian Huberty was in his bed when an unknown man entered while claiming to be a cop.

A Georgia man paralyzed from the waist down was forced to watch from his bed as a burglar ransacked his home while pretending to be a police officer.

Brian Huberty was in his bed when an unknown man opened his bedroom door and said there had been a break-in at his DeKalb County home, he told WSB-TV.

“DeKalb police, I saw somebody breaking into your window,” Huberty recalled the suspect as saying.

But the man was wearing a track suit and had no identification to prove he was an officer.

When Huberty asked about his outfit, the man said he was part of the “community patrol.”

Then he began rummaging through Huberty’s things.

“He actually looked in my closet … and actually took something from the basket of my wheelchair,” he said.

Huberty has a condition that affects his muscles. He is unable to walk and uses a wheelchair to get around.

He said he considered using his phone to take pictures or film the suspect, but thought better of it.

It was scary,” he told the television station. “He could have done violence to me, had he chosen to, and I couldn’t have done anything about it.”

The suspect left as Huberty called 911. The unknown man made off with several electronics and is believed to have waited to break in until after Huberty’s downstairs housemate left the home.

Huberty plans to install burglar bars, as the man entered by breaking a window, and is considering getting a dog.