Man Plans Secret Trip to Search for Wife's Ring Lost in Snow Months Earlier — and Finds It

Is Drew Huskey the greatest husband ever?

Last year, Drew Huskey and his wife, Emily, were enjoying a vacation in Canada. Everything was going great ⁠— until she lost her wedding ring. 

It slipped off as she was brushing snow from her coat. They searched for the ring in 10-degree temperatures for two hours, to no avail.

"I started digging and the only thing we had was a tiny ice scraper,” Drew told Inside Edition. “The snow was just coming down way too hard.” 

But never fear. Her devoted husband had a plan. 

Eight months later, her husband booked a secret trip to look for the ring now that the snow had melted, telling his wife he was going to Montana.

Instead, he returned to Canada, where he got two local volunteers to join him with metal detectors. 

And lo and behold, after just a two-hour sweep of the area, they found the ring. 

When he returned home to Missouri, Drew didn't even tell his wife what he had done, instead presenting her with a letter about what had happened. 

Emily couldn't hold back her tears as she was reunited with the ring.