Man Pulls Over on Highway to Rescue Wild Rabbit Threatened by California Wildfires

The good Samaritan was caught on camera luring the rabbit out of flaming bushes.

As wildfires ravaged across Southern California, an anonymous man risked exposure to the flames to save a wild rabbit.

The good Samaritan looked panicked as he was caught on camera luring the rabbit from among flaming bushes and trees in Ventura County.

According to authorities, the Thomas Fire affecting the area continues to burn actively and is spreading quickly due to heavy winds.

It is just one of several active fires devastating the Los Angeles area, including the Creek Fire affecting the Angeles National Forest, the Rye Fire affecting Santa Clarita and the Skirball Fire affecting the Sepulveda Pass.

The fires span a total of nearly 120,000 acres and have caused an estimated $1 billion in damages.

Hundreds of thousands of locals in the path of danger have been evacuated, including Virginia Padilla and her family, who own a Tujunga ranch where dozens of horses burned to death.

It is unclear how many injuries or deaths have been caused by the wildfires so far.