Man Reunited With Lost Wedding Ring Found by Expert Diver in Sacramento Riverbed

Social media helped reunite a man with his lost wedding ring found by an expert diver on the bottom of a river in Sacramento, California.

When expert diver Karl Bly came across something round, gold and shiny at the bottom of the American River in Sacramento, he knew he had found something special. So Bly lifted it out of the muck eight feet below the surface and discovered it was a gold wedding ring.

After emerging from the river, he showed off the find on video.

“I knew where I found it, it was likely somebody was swimming. I had a pretty good idea that somebody had lost it and probably really wanted it back,” Bly told Inside Edition.

Bly took to social media in search of the owner. It took only four days to locate Adam Papini, who lost the ring after it slipped off his finger while plunging into the freezing river.

“My heart immediately dropped the moment I realized it was gone,” Papini said.

Bly returned the lost wedding ring after Papini verified a key detail.

“He was able to describe the diamond setting, and he even showed me a picture of a similar ring, because he was having trouble finding a picture of his ring,” Bly said.

Meanwhile, Papini has learned a very important lesson: “I will definitely be taking it off every time I jump in the river."

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