Man Surprises His Biological Mother at the Airport After 58 Years Apart

George Aswad reunited with his biological mother, 58 years after she gave him up for adoption.

Fifty-eight years after they last saw each other, George Aswad and his biological mother are back together again.

Aswad, who lives in North Carolina, surprised his 80-year-old biological mother, Jackie, at Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers, Fla., on Thursday as she was making her way to visit other relatives, WINK reported.

She burst into tears the moment she saw him, a video by the news channel shows.

"It's a long time," he told her as they hugged.

"It's a long time," she echoed.

Speaking to WINK, Jackie said she never thought she'd see her son again.

"I gave a beautiful gift 58 years ago and I got it back. It's just almost unheard of," she said. "After 58 years, I'm 80, and I never thought I'd see him."

Aswad was given up for adoption after his birth in 1959 in Manhattan. Both of his adoptive parents died several years ago.

He always wondered about the identity of his biological mother so his son bought him two DNA kits in the hope they could find her.

"Through different searches," he managed to track down his mother and three-half sisters, who are related to his biological father, Aswad said. His father has passed away.

One of his half-sisters, Jane Sherman, told WINK that she's so glad the rest of the family found Aswad in time.

"I would've been very sad if I had passed away and never knew about him," she said.