Man Takes Taxi Home From Jail, Is Sent Back After Cops Say He Failed to Pay for Ride

Jail Taxi Mug
Brevard County Sheriff's Office

Florida police say a man who had just been released from jail was sent back after failing to pay the taxi fare for his ride home.

Charles Folk, 40, was arrested Thursday morning and charged with petty theft, according to cops

Police said he got into a taxi outside the Brevard County Jail in Cocoa just after midnight. After going 30 miles to his home in the town of Melbourne, cops say Folk told the driver that he nor his sister nor his roommate could help pay the $70 cab fee. 

The driver then called the cops.

Folk was arrested again and is being held on $20,000 bail. He does not have a lawyer, according to jail records. 

Folk had previously been in jail for criminal mischief, according to reports. Officials say he had been convicted of vandalizing his own home and damaging his roommate’s belongings.  


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