Man Under Arrest Allegedly Offers Cops Free Donuts If They Let Him Go

Man offers arresting officers free donuts
Matthew Rosenberg allegedly offered donuts to police.Frederick Police Department

It's an old stereotype, but police think this guy really meant it.

A Maryland man faces several additional charges after police say he offered free donuts in exchange for his freedom following an arrest.

According to police in Frederick, Matthew Rosenberg was one of two men who were suspiciously looking into cars Thursday night. 

When the men were stopped and questioned, Frederick police say Rosenberg tried to walk away and was taken to the ground by an officer.

That's when he offered donuts.

Sgt. Jonathan Shatlock told the Frederick News Post that Rosenberg wasn't just referencing the old stereotype that cops love donuts, he meant it and even told them he worked at Krispy Kreme.

“I believe that he was serious,” Shatlock said.

Shatlock said Rosenberg also offered police money to let him go home.

That did not happen. Rosenberg has instead been charged with resisting arrest and attempting to bribe a public employee.