Man Who Faked His Death After Wife Tried to Hire Hitman Recounts Elaborate Plan: 'It Was Very Scary'

Ramon Sosa is one of the few people on the planet with the ability to walk on his own grave.

A Texas man has revisited the scene of his own murder after he conspired with his local police department to fake his own death after his wife tried to put out a hit on him. 

Shocking photos show Ramon Sosa with a gunshot wound to the head, the work of a talented makeup artist. 

“When I look at these photos it brings back a lot of horrifying memories,” he told Inside Edition. 

Sosa and his wife, Maria, ran a gym outside Houston, Texas, but their marriage hit a rough patch. Imagine his surprise when he found out that Maria had hired a hit man to get rid of him. 

Lucky for Ramon, the "killer" turned out to be an undercover cop taking part in a sting operation.

Police took him to a shallow grave they had dug in a remote location and the makeup artist made him look like he had just been assassinated.

“They also put my hands like I was handcuffed or I had them tied behind my back,” he added. 

Later, the undercover cop secretly recorded a meeting during which he showed Maria the images and hidden cameras showed her smiling as she viewed the images of her "dead" husband. 

"She laughed — she was happy," Ramon said. "She looked like she had just won the lotto."

Maria was also recorded handing over the first installment of $14,000 for the killing.

The evidence was so overwhelming that she pleaded guilty to solicitation of murder and got 20 years in prison.

“When I saw the photo of my dad in the grave, it was shocking... it was scary,” Mia Sosa, Ramon’s daughter, added. “You know that it's fake, but it could have been real.” 

Now, Ramon Sosa is in a strange situation as one of the few people on the planet to ever walk on his own grave.

“It was very scary coming in here and playing dead,” he said.